Pay for the essay: ethical practice or not?


Pay for the essay: ethical practice or not?

Some students pay for easy to get good grades while others pay for an essay to gain skills in doing their academic work. The two practices have both ethical and unethical connotation. However, pay for essay becomes either ethical or unethical based on the perception of either it is a good practice or not. Pay essay is an ethical practice.

The opponents of the idea of pay for essay argue that the action brings academic immorality and cheating.  For example, lazy students pay for easy have no motivation in academics. Instead, the students reap high grades with no individual efforts in gaining skills and earning their grades.  Such actions provide crooked avenues to pass an examination which even result to loss of reputation of the institution and even expulsion of such students are found guilty.

Contrarily, pay for the essay is ethical especially for the students who need to gain skills and learn more about languages. For example, ESL students who learn English as their second language gain a lot of information when they pay for essay samples. Such students usually use the instructions and follow the basic aspects of essay writing keenly on their own.

In conclusion, pay for the essay is an ethical practice since students register great improvements on their skills and grades due to the coaching experiences from the virtual tutors. Besides, the students improve their speeches, research skills and improve their confidence since they take the initiative to learn more from their tutors.

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